We love our Vintage Queen number 16 for her fabulous vintage hair styles and her enviable thrifted wardrobe.

Johanna, 25 lives in Vallentuna, Sweden and studies history as well as working as an artist and illustrator.

Johanna’s usual style has a definite Fifties look to it, however she is just as comfortable incorporating other influences such as Twenties finger waves and Sixties beehives.

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7 Responses

  1. hannah asprey

    Johanna never looks less than perfect – so gorgeous!

  2. Sarah

    I have been keeping track of Johanna’s beautiful style and work for almost four years, and she never disappoints! A real gem of a human being.

  3. foofoogal

    I could stare at Johanna all day long. She is like a chameleon with her different gorgeous styles. Amazing. She could be a one woman show just changing clothes. Like watching an opera.

  4. Aline Petroni Cezario

    Johanna rocks!

    She is THE Vintage Queen