Our lovely Vintage Queen number 14 wears Fifties vintage every day. We think she looks spectacular!

Hannah, 36, from London wears full-on Fifties vintage every day. It’s her attention to detail which makes her look so amazing, her hair, make-up, hats and accessories are immaculate.














11 Responses

  1. Carol

    Hannah looks great! I can pull off ‘mostly’ vintage from Spring thru Fall, but I cannot find vintage pants to get me through the winter.

  2. Hannah

    Thank you for your nice comments everybody 🙂

    Carol – for vintage pants I recommend either wide leg swing style pants (www.vivienofholloway.com) or vintage jeans which are easily found on Ebay. Both are invaluable when you need to keep warm in winter.

  3. BebopKaz

    Hannah looks great. To the girl who wanted vintage pants, I can recommend the repro jeans produced by freddies of Pinewood http://www.freddiesofpinewood.com -They are almost indestinguisable from originals except they won’t fall to bits and the cost is very reasonable

  4. Rain

    She looks like she’s from another era– something out of a movie! Beautiful!!!!


  5. andrealondon

    hannah’s maniestation style and innate class are a breathof fresh air. I think i saw her on a telvision programme recently

  6. Tammi Johnson

    Hanna You look wonderful. The last picture is my favorite.