“My name is Mai Britt Møller, I am Danish by origin, but apparently have a bit of a nomad in me, since I have lived in Sweden, London and now reside in Norwich. I have always had an inner glamour-puss, but it wasn’t until one of my mum’s friends said I had the perfect lips for red lipstick, that I really began developing the style I love from pictures and movies from the Thirties through to the Fifties.

It all started with that first red lipstick back in 2006 and things took off quickly from there. I dress in a vintage  style every day, whether I am relaxing in silk pajamas or going out dressed to the nines. I started out with Fifties style, which was the most accessible when it comes to clothes, and slowly changed into a more Forties  look and have lately been loving the Thirties style after watching the stylish movie W.E..

I am the proud owner of Darhling Photography where I offer vintage-style photography for events, weddings, engagements, pin-up shoots and handsome profile shots for chaps.

Recently, I have discovered my love for making Thirties and Forties hats, not from patterns, but inspired by old movies and clothes cataloques.”

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