I am Sylvie, a French lady at home in Finland. I am in my forties but crazy about the Fifties when it comes to clothing but also in home décor and in music. I bought my first Fifties dress in Paris as a teenager and discovered a wonderful world. Since then, I have been collecting – and wearing – Fifties vintage clothing at school, university, at R’n’R parties and weekenders, at work.

I also like Forties and Thirties clothing but worn by others, not by me. Fifties is what fits me best and where I feel “at home” .

I work as an environmental adviser, with a lot of travelling as part of my job, but I also travel a lot during my holidays. When travelling for holidays, vintage shopping usually plays an important role, and the clothes I eventually find will then remind me of the places, the people, the atmosphere, or the story behind a given purchase.

I purchase on the internet too. I remember the origin of most of my clothes and accessories.  Vintage clothing for me is not linked with professional (and personal)  interest for environmental protection or any recycling aim, vintage clothing for me is a purely esthetical choice. I wear vintage simply because it’s looks so good and stylish, it fits me and is different from what other people wear.

I have been collecting vintage Fifties for almost 25 years, and I have not sold much. Instead, I have kept on buying while still wearing older purchases. It has been a great motivation to stay in shape and I am roughly the same size now as when I bought my first Fifties dress. Hence, I have over the years accumulated quite a lot of vintage every day clothing, all my size. Most of what I have is casual Fifties clothing with shoes, costume jewelry, hats, purses, gloves, umbrellas, eyeglasses etc. for different occasions and seasons, with a few cocktail and evening outfits for special ones.

I tend to prefer American vintage but I also have European clothing, especially shoes. And  I have been lucky to find a lot of dead stock and great condition vintage.

In November 2010 a Finnish journalist, preparing an article about our home (entirely mid-century furnished and decorated – but that’s another story) asked me how much vintage clothing I had. I could not tell but I assumed that I had enough to wear a different Fifties outfit everyday of the year.

Around that same time, a group of Finnish vintage lovers officially created the “Fintage” association, with its own webpage, discussion forum and blog. One of the founders of the association asked me whether I could start a blog on the Fintage webpage. As we discussed about the possible theme and content of the blog, I suggested that I could try the “one different vintage outfit
for every day of the year” and at the same time test whether my earlier assumption could be verified.

Hence, in March 2011, I started the “365 Vintage Days” blog, in English, on the association’s webpage. Posting ended after 365 days, in early March 2012. There are now plans to continue in the near future presenting vintage outfits on the Fintage’s webpage, with several Finnish vintage lovers involved (not only myself), outfits ranging from the 1910’s till the Sixties and posts once or twice each week.

Meanwhile, I keep on buying and enjoying Fifties clothing, when I find clothing  my size, style and my price range…

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