“I’m Vix, I’m from The Black Country in the heart of the West Midlands and I like to dress like a refugee from Woodstock.

I was born in 1966 and I’m obsessed with an era I was too young to remember.  For me the late Sixties and early Seventies were full of fun, optimism and the embodiment of all that was exciting; free festivals, the hippie trail, outlandish fashion and the rejection of the convention and rules of previous decades.

I’ve always dressed the way I do, flowing maxi dresses, clumpy platforms, crushed velvet and psychedelic prints have set my heart aflutter since my childhood. I dressed in my mother’s go-go boots, bell bottoms and Afghan coats to attend school discos back in the days when my classmates dressed like extras from Dallas.

In my home town it’s rare to find anyone interested in vintage fashion and I can pick up some amazing pieces in the local charity shops for next to nothing. Sometimes the charity shop managers will even put things aside for me as they know I’ll love and wear the clothes they consider old-fashioned and they consider only fit for the dressing up box.

If we’re not trawling the car boot sales, jumble sales and charity shops of the Midlands in our 1970 Volkswagen Variant for fabulous vintage clothes, we’ll be heading to a music festival in Gilbert, our Seventies VW Camper van or living the hippy dream on the beaches of Goa. We live in a Georgian house crammed to the rafters with an eclectic mix of antiques, mid-Twentieth century kitsch, nik-naks picked up from the street markets of India and things we’ve hauled out of skips on the way home from the pub.”

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9 Responses

  1. Clare

    Vix should be No.1, she always looks amazing and everything she owns costs about a quid, absolute genius!

  2. brooke christian

    Aaahhh vix you look fab as ever! Not only do you have taste and style but your a lovely lady xx

  3. Cherry T

    Have got to know Vix from the vintage fairs, I can say she’s a stylish and very lovely lady to know x