“My name is Liz Tregenza and buying vintage has been hugely important to me for most of my life. I started buying vintage handabgs in charity shops when I was only seven or eight and from these it simply snowballed.

My obsessions really got going when I went to university to study a fashion degree, and I became increasingly fed up with the quality of modern clothes. I’d already been wearing the odd Fifities dress for a  few years, but it was then that I really changed my fashion buying philosophies.

I’ve also worked in museums which really developed my passion for the history of fashion. I worked with Hampshire Museums Service for a while where I was able to see a sensational selection of historical garments and was lucky enough to co-curate an exhibition last year in Portsmouth about the history of the little black dress.

I mostly wear Fifties clothing, I find the fit suits my petite frame better than any other era, and I love the drama of Fifties fashions. I have been known to dabble with earlier and later periods too. I think that Thirties dresses are simply sensational for evening but if you’re after a sharp suit it’s got to be Forties!  As my pictures show I’m not religious about sticking to eras. If something suits me I’ll wear it! Vintage for me is all about expression and has undeniably developed from my teenage love of being a bit “alternative”.

I mostly buy my clothes from eBay and have turned up some of my best gems online. This includes a few super rare Horrockses that are some of the most prized items in my collection! If I’m buying in the “real” world I have a few favourite shops. Number one being Hope and Harlequin in Brighton where my vintage buying really took hold, I bought m first three high-quality vintage dresses there. Other shops that I adore include Mela Mela in Teddington, Catherine Smith Vintage in Harrogate and the Vintage Emporium in York.

If you want to know more about me, and read my musings on (mostly) the history of fashion I can be found at my blog.


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