Our amazing Vintage Queen no 68 has a fabulous collection of classic Seventies designer dresses. We simply adore her DvF wrap dresses, her Ossie Clarks and Halston gowns – they are absolutely timeless and glamorous.

“I’m Lynnette, a UK-based fashion and beauty stylist/editor for TV and magazines. I have worked for New Woman, Cosmopolitan, Eve, Vogue Australia, Now Magazine, GMTV and many others.  I was a baby when the Seventies began and throughout my early childhood I remember my mother wearing fabulous, multi-coloured maxi dresses.

She smelt of the sharp yet flowery Charlie perfume, which was launched in 1973, and her and my father always seemed to be heading off to cheese or chocolate fondue parties! We even had a ‘Goblin teasmade’ and ‘hostess trolly’ but sadly my parents haven’t kept them. Our house was a riot of shades of yellow and brown and my obsession with all things Seventies has never waned since.
I used to insist on staying up to watch The Good Life, a sitcom which ran from 1975-78. The actress Penelope Keith played the character of Margo Leadbetter and her look was and still is my inspiration – my best friend even calls me ‘Margot’.

I have a seriously large collection of seventies DvF dresses and a few Ossie Clark’s. I also have a lot of eBay purchases that I wear day to day.

I am super tall at 5ft 11in so long dresses, headscarves and large hooped earrings seem to suit me. I hate to admit this, but I even love that the dresses are often polyester and can be popped in the washing machine!

This summer the fashion for Seventies-style clogs, front-buttoned denim skirts and lace blouses à la Stella McCartney and Chanel is perfect for me as I already own all these items as originals…

To get in touch with Lynnette go to www.lynnettepeck.com and find her on Twitter as @lovelyislovely.”



2 Responses

  1. alex silver

    Well done Lynnette, who else can pull off that look with such style and humour? We salute you as a Vintage Queen.

  2. andrea fulerton

    As usual you rock old and new trends effortlessly me love!