Our amazing Vintage Queen number 63 not only wears Forties and Fifties vintage every day, she also works in Churchill’s WWII bunker. Jeni looks truly glamorous  in her carefully picked period clothing and with her Betty bangs and red lipstick, we are sure Winston would have approved!

“I’m 24 and a born and bred Londoner. When you live in a big city it’s so easy to become lost in the crowd amongst the high street loving young fashionistas, but I think I was never fully happy with the way I dressed until I discovered vintage. As a teenager I spent all my money on clothes, and half of it would never get worn. That’s the problem with modern fashion, it’s too expendable.

I didn’t wake up one day and say, ‘Right, from now on I’m only going to wear vintage or reproduction clothing’ and just throw everything else away, it was gradual, but now I can’t imagine shopping on the high street. I feel like clothes from the Forties and Fifties were especially made for my body. When you find the right vintage dress, blouse or pair of trousers and they fit you perfectly, it’s the best feeling, and to top it off you can imagine this wonderful history about the previous owner.

My Fifties obsession started with the music, there’s nothing to beat Rock n’ Roll, but then I just became completely engrossed in the whole era, learnt to jive, began my clothing collection, mastered (sort of) the hair and make up and there you have it. I’m lucky to work in a very special historic environment, the World War II bunker used by Winston Churchill and his Cabinet during the Blitz.

The whole site is left as it was at the end of the War, so it really is like stepping back in time to the Forties everyday for me. And so began the Forties obsession. I’m  lucky as I get to combine my passion for history with my job, and my vintage lifestyle.

To sum up why I wear vintage, and particularly that era of vintage is easy. Everything about the style makes you feel good. The clothes are elegant, feminine and playful, as are the hairstyles, homeware and accessories. It’s exciting too; finding amazing one-off pieces.

It’s strange to think that people I’ve worked with for two years have never seen me without my red lipstick, but I like to think my vintage style adds a bit of glamour to the surroundings!”


3 Responses

  1. Sheila Brady

    Superb just superb. What a look & what a job! Lena, is the best Vintage Queen so far. Good luck and keep up THE LOOK!

  2. Lindy Hopper

    Reading how Jenni got into vintage and felt that 40s & 50s clothes seemed to be made for her shape was just how I felt too when I discovered vintage. Especially thinking about the lives and history of the original owners. She looks amazing and very authentic and I agree she’s the best VQ I’ve seen so far. Lucky girl to work in such a fascinating job!