Our amazing Vintage Queen number 60 is a true style chameleon. Whether she is channeling early Sixties a la Mad Men, the psychedelic swinging years of the same decade, Forties chic or demure Fifties, Mary always looks fabulous!

“My name is Mary Van Note and I’m a stand-up comedienne based in San Francisco, CA.  In addition to wearing vintage pieces everyday, you can always see me wearing vintage dresses when I perform on-stage or on-camera.

I’ve been a vintage-lover since I was a pre-teen.  In middle school I would wear polyester pants and granny shirts because I loved old people and wanted to be a grandma.  Vintage clothing just fit well with my quirky personality, and I loved scouring thrift stores for vintage finds.  I have always loved old things for the history, and imagined stories behind the objects.

I find myself fluctuating between eras of dress.  Recently I’ve been leaning more towards Thirties and Forties.  I like to think about my grandma and what she would’ve worn when she was my age, living in San Francisco, before she fell in love.  Only vintage clothing can hold such romanticism, in my opinion.

Vintage just fits my body, and fits who I am.  I just happen to feel more comfortable wearing a vintage dress, vintage lingerie and stockings, than wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt.”

Check out Mary’s blog here and her videos here.


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