Our fabulous Vintage Queen number 59 adores the Twenties and Louise Brooks. As a fashion journalists she loves writing about original styles and if she could, she’d live in the past – at a time when people still made an effort to dress well.

“My name is Dagmara and I’m 27. I live in Lodz, Poland. I’m a journalist and work as a web editor of a Polish fashion and shopping  magazine.

I’m also an editor of an independent fashion mag called Dilemmas Magazine. In my section I show original and stunning accessories from all over the world and interview interesting bloggers.

I love vintage cause it transports me to my favorites eras – from late Twenties to early Fifties. Gentlemen and ladies were very elegantly every day, not like these days.

From that decades I pick up my hairstyle ( I love Luise Brooks and her bob hairstyle), make up and of course clothes.

Unfortunately, in Poland it’s really hard to find something beautiful from the old days and if you would like to have something vintage you have to look for it on eBay or on Etsy.

I have a very talented mum and she’s sewing me a lot of my clothes. I’ m not good at sewing, but I love to make and alter hats, fascinators and jewellery.

I’m interested in fashion history, and I draw my information from past decades from many books and films.”

Check out Dagmara’s blog!


6 Responses

  1. Rocketblast

    Wow – a great look. I had a little glance at Dagmara’s blog and, although I can’t understand a word of it, there are some AMAZING hats on there!

  2. bugatti

    I am so proud of her! I am so satisfied!
    Ich freue mich so sehr, dass meine Landsmännin diesen Titel bekommen hat!

  3. Michele Marck

    Great style Dagmar!

    My husband keeps asking me to wear my fringe longer like Louise Brooks….but I would be forever trying to cut it myself in between visits to the hairdresser.