Our amazing Vintage Queen number 53 has her Forties and Fifties style down to a t. We love her carefully put-together outfits and her attention to detail when it comes to hair and make-up. Perfection!

“I’m Lisa, 31, from Hackney in East London. I’ve been obsessed with clothes since discovering my mother’s wealth of Seventies clothing in the wardrobe at age 11, when I immediately began wearing them, much to the amusement of my school friends.

It’s taken me a while to really settle into a look, and having flirted with several styles, I now feel most at home in the Forties to early Fifties.  It’s all about clothes being fun, I love the dressing up aspect of vintage; that I still feel like I’m in costume a little, even though I do it every day.

I started seriously collecting and wearing vintage about three years ago, whereas before I’d just picked up pretty things magpie-fashion, I decided to start putting outfits together properly with the aim of putting together a complete vintage look.

I try to keep a wish list and stick to it now, rather than getting carried away by pretty sparkly things I have no need for.

It’s not always successful though.  I wear some repro items, mainly trousers and blouses which are hard to find, though I do prefer original vintage where possible both for the uniqueness of the garment and the feel of the fabric.

I’d love to learn to make things myself, and have taken a sewing course and a millinery course, however I seriously lack the patience, maybe one day…

I have a lot of fun (and stress) playing with vintage hairstyles, unfortunately my hair is naturally poker straight and it takes a lot of pincurls, setting lotion and uncomfortable nights sleeping in rollers for me to achieve a vintage style, though for those days where I just can’t cope with curlers I’ve found a few pincurls in the fringe and a Rosie the Riveter style scarf works a treat.

I’ve recently moved and am trying to give my new-build home as much of a vintage feel as I can, though seeing my lovely Thirties sofa slowly destroyed by my cat is a little painful.

I don’t blog often, something I’m hoping to change, but if you want to look me up, I can be found here.”















2 Responses

  1. stephany

    uuuu i have long hair sort of, “it’s past my shoulders” and i wanna cut it short into a cute 50’shair cut but how short do i need to go to get the right 50’s look and also do the perfect curls??? and do i use the curling iron or curlers??

  2. Tammi Johnson

    You look fab Lisa. It’s so great to see so many of my FL friends here.