Our amazing Vintage Queen no 44 loves the Golden Era of the late Thirties to the early Fifties. She not only oozes the make do and mend spirit and glamour of the time but also has a vintage wardrobe to die for.

“My name is Karlee Slater, I’m 24 years old and live in Queensland, Australia. I work as an Art and English teacher by day and by night write for a few magazines and play in a band.

I started wearing vintage in high school because it was cheap and different, and never really stopped – I think my mum hoped it was a phase.

My favourite decade is the Forties, but I also like late Thirties and early Fifties items. The Forties interest me because of the way the war shaped the styles and attitudes of the time. Women had to “make do” and came out looking fantastic! I doubt that women would look as glamorous if the same situation arose today.

Everyone knew how to knit, or bake, or sew, you were the odd one out if you couldn’t. Nowadays, it’s the other way round. I sew quite a few of my own clothes and am always being told “You’re so clever” or “I could never do that!” Nonsense. No one taught me to sew – just get a cheap machine and have a go.

I also love the hair and makeup of the Forties- it’s so classy and feminine. I try to replicate the look almost every day, and although I get odd looks, the people who comment are always complimentary.

I drive a 1967 VC Valiant and my husband builds hot rods, and we’re lucky enough to attend quite a few Kustom Kulture /Rockabilly events each year, It’s great to catch up with guys and girls who have the same aesthetic. We live in a semi – rural town, so as far as vintage on a day to day basis goes, I’m it!”

To find out more about Karlee, visit her blog.

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