Our fabulous Vintage Queen number 41, Rebecka,  bedazzles us with her dedication to the Twenties, Thirties and Forties, whether it’s her amazing vintage wardrobe, passion for crochet or vast knowledge of modernist culture.

“My love for all things vintage begun as a poor teen thrift shopping in my native Sweden. My first infatuation was with the sharp look of the early Sixties – with black and white optics and a-line mini skirts – my voluminous bob often being mistaken for a wig.

After living in London a few years, I started going to vintage clubs and dressing up in Twenties to Forties clothes, and after learning Charleston and Lindy Hop I was dragged even deeper into the world of vintage, discovering a whole culture that I had previously been unaware of.

The late Twenties to late Thirties is my favourite period, although fashion of course changed quite a lot throughout this period, there is something about the combination of bolshy playfulness and neat tailoring that seems to apply to the whole era. I also like the mix of boyishness and girlishness throughout that period, as can be seen in sportwear for example.

I love the idea that women in the Twenties could cause a commotion by wearing slacks and putting their make-up on in public, and am wholly seduced by the idea of champagne fuelled recklessness in conjunction with flapper dresses (I blame you Evelyn Waugh!).

Although Thirties fashion is more feminine than that of the more boyish Twenties, the typical girl of the Thirties as idealised in films and adverts, was girly and flirty, but also forward and fun and full of wit (read Ginger Rogers here) – though, just as in the Twenties, women and their clothes could also escape from the girlishness into grown-up dramatic glamour. Spoilt for choice!

Though many women seem to collect vintage handbags, hats or shoes, I cannot stop reaching out for anything knitted or crocheted, lingerie or hosiery, even though these pieces can, sadly, often be in the ‘too fragile to wear’ category. Luckily I don’t mind spending hours mending and darning clothes, and I both knit and crochet so at least I can attempt to recreate pieces from vintage patterns.

Although I dress in vintage clothes because I like their design and quality, I am incredibly fascinated by the link between fashion and history and love reading up on the habits of women of times past, irrespective of whether it is advice on how to unravel and re-knit a jumper, the history of the french seam, or the coining of the term ‘finger wave’.”

“I am currently doing an MA in modernist/modern literature and cultural history, and I find vintage fashion is just as an important part of the historical fabric of ‘culture’ as any novel or play, and a key clue to the lives of people of generations past.”

“In fact, owing to my re-enactor boyfriend, I have been known to dress up in typical Forties home front garb, and I do own an ATS desert uniform – re-enactors go one step further than your ordinary vintage fanatic to bring the past to the present, and I really admire all the effort and knowledge required to do so.”

4 Responses

  1. Alice

    I so totally agree with Kiri ! This lady seems to have an amazing style and it would be lovely to see more pictures of her !

  2. Rebecka

    aw, thank you ladies! I don’t actually have a blog, and not that many photos either, but I’ve got a few more on my Queens of Vintage community profile. Thanks for the nice comments!
    Rebecka x

  3. Aimee

    Rebecka, your style is wonderful, I love your simple cuts and lines combined with your heavy make-up. There’s obviously demand for a blog from you!