We just love Vintage Queen number 38 and her pin-up looks. An avid Jitterbug dancer and Forties fan, she lives a very vintage life complete with Fifties house and vintage-loving chap. What a lucky girl!

“My name is Amanda Lee but I call myself the “Jitterbug Doll.” I’ve always been interested in the past, having grown up in a very musical family, my grandfather was a trumpet player, and quite a few people on my mother’s side were also musicians. We were always listening to big band music, jazz, and Fifties/Sixties country and honky-tonk. In my teens I saw two period movies that were very inspiring—Swing Kids and Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken—and I was completely entranced by the fantastic dancing and fashions from that point on.

I began incorporating vintage style into my wardrobe while in college, but it wasn’t until I took up swing dancing that I realized I could dress head-to-toe retro everyday.

I discovered a fantastic little local vintage shop, Matilda’s Closet, in Arizona shortly after taking up dancing, and I’ve been hooked on vintage ever since. I’ve always found that the clothing fits my figure so much better than modern designs, and I simply fell in love with all the wonderful creations.

I’m definitely a Forties girl at heart, though I love the Thirties and Fifties eras as well, and I love to doll myself up everyday. I definitely feel a strong connection with the past, and feel truly at home.

My love expanded far beyond the fashions and dancing as well, into a vintage lifestyle: I live in a Fifties home and collect vintage furniture, knick knacks, magazines, and books. I love to immerse myself in vintage culture.

I really enjoying reading old magazines and watching classic films. I find these to be wonderful resources for researching my favorite eras. I’ve even taken up sewing, which I’ve found to be another great way to express my love for the past. By day I am a project manager at a university, and I do quite a bit of freelance writing and editing as well. I also work as an authentic pin-up model, and have assisted as a style consultant for photo and film work.

I have a wonderful beau who shares my vintage interests and who is a fantastic musician to boot. I love meeting others who share my passion, and I am always happy to answer questions about hair, makeup and fashion—please check out my blog and look me up on Myspace under Miss Amanda Lee.”


3 Responses

  1. Jere Gabriel

    Miss Amanda Lee is just about the most authentic and knowledgeable vintage afficianada I have e-v-e-r come across !…Amanda is such a lovely and classy vintage ambassador, model and actress. For her young years, she has acquired an unmatched depth of expertise about the fashion and styles of decades past. She knows shoes, hair, make-up, lighting, fabrics, garment cuts and color palettes….Amazing. She has all the eras down pat and can change up her gorgeous looks expertly. She creates her own great style everyday, with dashes of influence from the all-time great blond beauty icons (Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Ginger Rogers just to name a few).

    One question,…. Is there a class a-b-o-v-e “first class”?….
    The camera loves this girl!

  2. Danny Vancas

    Amanda is the closest thing to being a real 1940’s pinup model and starlet put in a time machine and sent here for us lucky enough to find her!

    She has the style look and attitude to make us men dream of romance and first kisses!

    And… there are no tata-toos anywhere!

    All the best,

    Danny V, Pin-Up artist,
    Vanguard Gallery, #1 Clint Eastwood Build, Carmel, Ca.

  3. Tammi Johnson

    I have admired Amanda Lee’s style for at least five years. She really captures the look of the 40’s.