Our lovely Vintage Queen number 29 is a burlesque dancer who always looks glamorous whether on stage or not. Her Thirties hair dos and flower dresses are the perfect attire for a vintage starlet.

I am Lolita Haze from Phoenix, Arizona. I am a burlesque stripper who performs classic burlesque all over the US and into Canada. I took a bit of a break from Burlesque after a car accident, but I am quite excited to return to the stage again soon with new wonderful acts, and I look forward to traveling a bit to perform including across seas. I have shared the stage with many living legends of burlesque including, Satan’s Angel and Tura Satana as well as today’s best of the best burlesque stars.

When I am not in front of the camera playing pin-up, I also shoot a bit of retro photography creating vintage pin-up looks and classic Hollywood images for regular women. I really enjoy sharing the vintage style with women living in the modern world and showing them that sexy doesn’t have to be slutty (although that can be just as fun!).

I started to explore the vintage look back in high school after I was inspired by photos of Grandma from the Forties. I enjoyed her hair styles most of all and have been trying to recreate styles of the Thirties and Forties ever since. I began dressing vintage regularly in 2003 when I made my burlesque debut.

While I think hair is my personal specialty, I also sew my own clothes from vintage patterns. I find it easier to make the perfect fit than trying to find the perfect fit. I love wearing seamed stockings and vintage foundation garments along with red lipstick and hair bows.

Oh! I can’t forget hats, I love wearing hats as I walk about. I am often complimented on them and people remark how they wish they had the courage to wear hats so well – it saddens me that they feel this way. All I can do is hope that I inspire them to take a small chance. Sometimes I work for a vintage store here in Phoenix, called Hollywood Regency. So it is always fun when people come in and remark about how I “look the part”. Unfortunately that store is so well stocked I find I spend my day’s wage on something new and wonderful like a hat and dress.

Since I heading into vintage full force, I find my favourite time span to be more specific than when I started in vintage. I used to love anything from Thirties to the Fifties (I even have a soft spot for the Eighties) and while I still do love those things, I find my heart belongs to 1938-1942 for daily wear and the early Thirties for evening wear. Why those particular years, I am not quite sure.

I love meeting others with the same love of vintage and here in Arizona we try to get as many people together for lunches, shows, or evening entertainment anything where we can all share our passions. I recently moved into a 1928 home and am looking to transform it into a Thirties  time machine.

When I am at home I find myself sewing, researching more about history and the history of burlesque and I watching as many old films (pre 1945) as I can. I think Jean Harlow and Ginger Rogers are the greatest and Cary Grant is the dreamiest.

To find out more about Lolita’s vintage lifestyle, visit her at vintagestarlet.blogspot.com or myspace.com/LolitaHaze.

You can also checkout her photography at myspace.com/LolitaHazePhotography.


7 Responses

  1. Rebecka M

    makes me wish i hadn’t chopped my hair off, so i could do that lovely curly 30’s do on the first page! big bout of hair envy going on here..

  2. Desi

    Well Hello there! Fancy meeting you here! You look great! Congrats!