Meet amazing Vintage Queen no 160, the beautiful Naomi from Sydney, who has such an amazing, soft, feminine Forties style.

“My name’s Naomi and I live in Sydney, Australia. I’m the founding editor of Lila Jean Vintage Magazine which launched it’s very first issue in December 2014. The magazine is named after my Nan who has always been my style inspiration. A few years after she passed away, I found a box full of old photographs and letters. Aside from giving me an insight into my Nan’s life it also made me realise that my love of vintage is about more than just the aesthetics – it’s about the stories behind it. Perhaps that’s why I love the Forties. It was a decade of tremendous hardship but also incredible tenacity.

I’m quite lucky that I have a mother who rarely throws things away so a lot of my vintage pieces have been passed down through the family. My most treasured possession is a rose gold bracelet that belong to my Great Grandmother and was given to her by her husband on their wedding day on December 31, 1913. I purchase most of my vintage pieces online, as availability of certain items in Australia can be scarce and expensive. I feel that vintage is so often more about style than fashion. I like to frequent my local op-shops and with the help of some pin curls and a dash of red lipstick you can turn a $10 dress into a vintage inspired look.

I’m slightly obsessed with old movies, with Gilda (1946) and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) being two of my favourites. While I am inspired by the glamour of Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, I find most of my inspiration from family photographs of the men and women who actually lived in the 1940s. If I can manage to be even half as stylish as my Nan was I’ll be happy!”

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  1. OYUK

    :)) oh you are so gorgeous i love your style. Im also big fan of 40s vintage but still cant figure out which is the best looking vintage, i try to dress like vintage but usually turns out not that look i wanted. i mean you know what i mean?! there were various of vintage styles when i look down the internet. i love style just like yours. BTY im asian, yeaah cheers good luck to u, wish u all the best