Meet amazing Vintage Queen no 159, the gorgeous Katie from Nashville. Her love for history has lead her to develop her fab pre-Fifties look.

“My name is Katie and I’m from Nashville, Tennessee USA. I live in a historic home that was built in 1935. I love living inside its charm and having a little piece of history.

By day I work in human resources, but on the side I have a blog called Crashing Nightingale, which focuses on history, vintage style, events, people and places of the present and past. There are so many things that fascinate me in this world, and I love to share them on my website, whether it’s a write-up about Bessie Smith or Second Empire architecture, I like to entertain readers with what entertains me. I was a journalism major and history minor in college and it was the best of both worlds for me.

I’ve always considered myself an old soul. I remember being a teenager and falling in love with the song “Midnight, the Stars and You” by Al Bowlly. I love the style and design of vintage clothing. The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve realized the cut and design of vintage clothing suits me better. When I was growing up and developing my style, I always kept things vintage in some way, whether it was clothing, hair or makeup.

It was cool when modern women like Gwen Stefani styled their hair and makeup in a Forties and Fifties fashion. It was kind of the gateway for me. I was attracted to her embracing these styles and started to do this on myself when I was a teenager. My love for this time period just stuck and grew into loving fashion from the Jazz Age and Art Deco eras.

The Twenties to Forties are my primary favorite eras, although my love for vintage eras spans back to the Victorian and Edwardian era too. My husband and I had a Twenties-themed wedding. It was the bee knees for sure!

Myrna Loy and Hedy Lamarr are two of my style icons. Myrna Loy’s eyes are so captivating and as well as her life and career. Her style was hypnotizing and she is definitely someone I admire when it comes to fashion. Lamarr was not only physically beautiful she also was a inventor! I admire her for being a trailblazer with her invention of frequency-hopping spread-spectrum.

There are two vintage clothing shops I buy from on Etsy. One is WildFellHall Vintage and the other is Dethrose Vintage. Not only do they have great vintage clothing, they have sent the sweetest notes attached to the items I’ve purchased. Talk about great customer service! Locally, I shop at a cute boutique called Sugaree’s in historic downtown Murfreesboro, Tennessee.”

Image credits: And How! Imaging, La Photographie Nashville and Shannon Brooke Imagery