Meet amazing Vintage Queen no 158, the gorgeous Sharlene. Born in China, she now lives in California where she follows her passion for swing and the Thirties.

“Born in China, my family has settled in California in the late Seventies, where most of my upbringing was in Southern California.  Today, I live in the city of Monterey Park, where I reside in a beautiful 1956 mid-century home on a hill with a spectacular view.

My first passion was in swing dancing, I caught the craze even before the Gap commercial.  Back in late Nineties I would swing dance almost every night, frequently danced at the Derby, Satin Ballroom, Palladino’s just to name a few dance venues.  I’ve had the joy of competing with two champion swing dance teams, Hollywood Hornets and One2Swing Jitterbugs.  Now, I occasionally get to perform with the Hollywood Hotshots dance troupe.

The swing dancing events sometimes collide with the vintage scene, and so I met my friend Annamarie von Firley who got me to model for her vintage repro clothing line. I’ve had opportunities to model for her and Clever Vintage Clothing, and got to model for events such as the Greystone Mansion event and the Charles Pheonix’s Wig Wam event that just happened this past weekend.

The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles was another avenue that my friend, Annamarie, got me involved with.  Here I got involved with the preservation of Art Deco culture and architecture throughout Los Angeles.  I’m currently the chair of the Membership Committee where we service our members and constantly recruit for more people to get involved with preservation of our beautiful Art Deco buildings in L.A.

Why vintage?  It’s a glimpse of history and the glamorous past, a culture of proper etiquette and style.  I love the dance, the fashion, the buildings. My favorite era of all times is the Thirties.  Probably because the fashion fits me best! You’ll find me always hunting for vintage, whether it be at the monthly LB Flea Market, or at any vintage stores or thrift stores that I walk by, and sometimes it’s at a vintage friend’s closet.

Lastly, I’m currently a florist running my own business, and doing floral for weddings and special events.  I love it when I get to do a vintage wedding so both my passions are fulfilled!”

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  1. Nora

    OMG she is stunning! Some of the pictures look like genuine photos from the 30s – what a great style she has! 🙂