Meet our lovely Vintage Queen no 144, the beautiful Megan from New Jersey. Her amazing collection of Sixties dresses ranges from early Sixties formal wear to late Sixties bold and graphic minis.

“I’m Megan Steigerwalt and  I’m from Franklinville, New Jersey. I am a graphic design student at Camden County College and I run my own blog, Overpowered by Funk. I married the love of my life, Jeremy Guise, in October and I like to spend time with my Mommom and my furbaby Ginger. I also model in my spare time.

I have always been interested in the past. When I was little, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents house and I watched a lot of ‘classic’ shows. I think this fostered a love of vintage for me, I never really knew anything else, the past was my present.  My favorite decade is the Sixties but I will wear and collect anything from the beginning of the 20th century until the Seventies. To me the Sixties was a great time for fashion because there was so much change and therefore there were so many looks to choose from. I could dress in the Fifties hangovers of the era or I can embrace the mini!

I gravitate to dresses since they’re easy to throw on for a complete look on busy mornings. I can’t help but feel put together in my vintage dresses. I’ve told friends that I will never buy modern clothes again because of how well made my vintage garments are. I don’t have a specific style icon but I love looking at old photos of my Mommom and photos of movie stars from the golden age of Hollywood.

I also came into a heavy collection of Sixtie women’s magazines in the summer which provide a lot of everyday inspiration.
There aren’t a lot of local places to shop where I live. I like to be able to support local business so I tend to scour the same shops. I go to “Thrift Village” in Glassboro, “A Blast From the Past” in Vineland and my local Salvation Army and Goodwill. A lot of local businesses, especially thrift shops have a hard time thriving in this area so I like to promote them as best I can.

I wear my vintage outfits all the time. I tend to get weird looks when I’m at the grocery store and especially when I’m at school. I don’t mind though, the past is worth remembering. I like to find find out the story behind each piece that I can. I know the history of all the garments I’ve gotten from my Mommom, and I have a fantastic story behind the gown I was married in. To me wearing and collecting vintage is more than just shopping and wearing, it’s giving a voice to the past.”

2 Responses

  1. Catherine

    Lovely! Her collection of vintage is totally enviable!

  2. Katherine

    She looks like Megan on Mad Men in the chartreuse dress with the sheer sleeves!