Meet gorgeous Vintage Queen no 143 – the lovely Fay from Amsterdam. A burlesque dancer and pin-up model she’s been in love with the Forties and Fifties since she was a teenager.

“I’m Fay Loren, I live in Amsterdam and I work as a Burlesque Artist and pin-up model.

My father is a musician in a Fifties big band and my mother works as a stylist. Therefore I was always surrounded with beautiful things from the past and present when I grew up.

From an early age I developed a passion for old movie stars, rock’n roll music and vintage costumes. I always liked to dress up and to do my make up like a classic lady.

When I was sixteen I got involved with the burlesque scene. Since that moment I’ve been wearing Fifties inspired make-up, high heels and I’m hunting for the best vintage items, which is not easy in the Netherlands. There are not many vintage shops that sell clothing from the Fifties and earlier. And if you find them, clothes are mostly very expensive. The Netherlands and a large part of Europe were not very prosperous at that time because of the war, which is why glamorous clothing wasn’t manufactured much then – people could also not afford it.

Another reason for me to choose vintage is the fashion industry today. Fashion changes very fast and clothing is not made to last longer than a season. It’s very unsustainable and often made by children in third world countries.

Over the years I have collected a lot of vintage dresses, shoes and costumes from the Twenties till the Fifties. I love looking at them and the feeling of the delicate fabrics and materials. It makes me happy when I wake up in the morning and see my collection of heels, and I can choose a pair to mach my classic Fifties look.”

3 Responses

  1. SandyS

    You look stunning, Fay^^ And what a beautiful wardrobe you show us here… i love the first two dresses and that pretty blue suit at the end. And your hair is just gorgeous <3

  2. kSto

    Besides being absolutely adorable, Fay makes an excellent point about today’s fashion industry being unsustainable. Clothes are so poorly made that there won’t be “vintage” clothing 20 years from now. Wearing vintage (and learning to rework and repurpose old clothes) is good for the environment!