Meet amazing Vintage Queen no 140, the beautiful Heloise from Paris. She has the most exquisite Thirties style and one of the most enviable collections of vintage I’ve ever come across – just fab!

“My name is Heloise, I live in Paris in an apartment crowded with books, plants, vintage dresses and a black and white cat.

I’ve been wearing vintage almost every day for close to a decade. I especially like the Thirties and Seventies-does-Thirties with forays into the Forties or Sixties look.

I’m also the organizer of the Wonder Vintage Market fair, one of the best vintage events in Paris, and of Maison Vintage, a vintage fair focused on vintage furniture and decoration.

I also write a blog, Stella Polaris, which is a bit like me, part boudoir of a femme fatale, part cabinet of curiosities and part workshop.”

3 Responses

  1. Tony m Lyons

    It is very inspiring to see younger folk keeping the classic style’s alive. I am a child of the 50s. The materials that were used from the 20s to the 60s is far superior,compared to alot of wear once throw away fashions of today. Even the Levis are phoney. Unless you buy the classic denims that are made the same way they were before 1971. The only difference is the price. They used to be 49/11. Shillings & pence that is!. To buy the same denims now cost. £215..worth every penny though. Keep up the good work!. All the best.Tony M Lyons .

  2. Danette Stuckey

    Exquisite! Love her appreciation of vintage and
    sharing the passion!