Meet Vintage Queen no 139, the gorgeous Ailu from Buenos Aires, Argentina. With her Sixties style and cute hair bows she really reminds me of Anna Karina.

“My name is Ailu, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I work as an illustrator, actress and also a model lately. My favourite style is 60s mod, but my wardrobe includes anything from the Twenties up to the Seventies.”




3 Responses

  1. Maja

    Oh crikey she is cute! part elf part Anna Karina! heh, she makes me want to get my 60s bangs back and that’s something!

  2. Paul Hayward

    Felicidades Ailu desde España; ¡qué difícil es encontrar gente como nosotros
    en nuestros países! Yo también aparezco en Queens of Vintage como ‘Vintage
    King’ Me alegro de poder comunicarme con uno de las míos en mi idioma. Yo
    también abarco desde los 1920’s a los 1970s. Felicidades por las espléndidas