Meet our amazing Vintage Queen no 126 – the gorgeous Josefina from Zagreb. Whatever the decade she chooses to wear, Josefina always looks incredible.

“My name is Josefina Gerlach and I’m a 22 year-old coffee addict, living in a city called Zagreb and studying to become a doctor. In my free time I run a blog called Stop Whispering and enjoy collecting vintage clothes. And cats.

It’s hard to say why vintage is so important to me, but I think I should go with – I have it in my genes. My mother was (and still is) a very passionate vintage hunter and she has been dragging me around the thrift shops and flea markets since I was a little kid. Also, my favourite game was dressing up- wearing long and way too large dresses and hats and pretending I am some gal (or sometimes even a guy) from the old times. I dreamed of becoming a costume designer some day. That was just the beginning of my obsession with clothes. Especially with pre-owned and unusual clothes.

I don’t prefer any specific era, I just enjoy and find something amusing in every decade, from the Twenties to the crazy Seventies. I just can’t decide what I adore more- cloche hats or pillbox hats, brogues or mary janes, wiggle dresses or flapper dresses. So why not all at once? I think fashion history is beautiful and it would be a shame to leave something or someone aside.

Usually I shop at local thrift and vintage shops. Every few months I visit our biggest flea market here in Zagreb and I must say, some of my finest pieces come from there. I enjoy thrifting very much, especially when I find something really special for a silly price. This is my favourite way for shopping actually, because somehow you just become addicted to that amazing feeling when you find something you like in the sea of unwanted clothes and other stuff. Sometimes I also buy online. I would love that there were more vintage shops in my town. And more people who would love and wear vintage.

I find inspiration almost everywhere – in public transport, in nature – music can be a real inspiration too. I also love watching movies, you can guess, the old ones are my favourite. I always get jealous of old Hollywood actresses, their beautiful skin and flawless style. Since I am an internet addict, I found many fellow bloggers who are my daily read and a great influence too. I enjoy browsing through pages and pages of other people’s everyday style. Oh, and I forgot to mention books about  fashion history! Black and white photos and pretty smiling faces, I mean- one must be insane not to love vintage!”










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