Meet our uber cool Vintage Queen no 125, the gorgeous Magda who blogs at Pretty Cripple. We just adore her elegant and eclectic mix-and-match style.

“I trace my love of vintage to an early childhood memory of Some Like It Hot starring Marilyn Monroe. The movie made a huge impact on me as a five year old when I attended the theater with my grandmother. I was drawn in by Marilyn’s incandescent beauty and sultry voice.

I was smitten by the Twenties costuming, hair styles and spats worn by the men. Even as a child I wasn’t enamored of Seventies fashion -the era of my childhood – and preferred styles from decades past. But I did not have much opportunity to haunt vintage stores as a kid. My mother dressed me in hideous polyester mustard yellow shirts, terry cloth tops, and flared jeans with weird butterfly, daisy stitching. Ironically, these styles would now be in high demand by vintage hounds.

At the age of 12, I landed a job delivering newspapers on my lack luster 10 speed bike. I was thrilled that with the money I earned, I could now scour vintage shops and the Salvation Army for dresses, shoes and tops that were feminine, colorful and unique. I developed my own look substantially different from what all the other kids were wearing. It was the Eighties, Madonna, Boy George, Michael Jackson and Cindi Lauper ruled the airwaves and fashion was rockin’! However, suburban New Jersey was woefully behind fashion-wise and as stimulating as a bag of hammers. I wanted to stand out and boy, did I ever. I established my fashion cred at this point in time.

I developed my own fashion styling philosophy. I explored every decade from the Twenties to the Sixties  with the goal of mixing eras with contemporary fashion. I am not one to wear one decade from head to toe – wearing one decade of a fashion look is too costumey for my taste. So, I might line my lips in a Twenties pout, straighten my hair in a Sixties Sasson do topped with a beret, wear a Fifties flouncy skirt and complete the outfit du jour with a pair of swoon-worthy Prada flats. The most important accessory for me is red lipstick. I can be lounging around the house in a grungy Eighties concert tee and sweats, but somehow I always manage to dab on a bright cherry lipstick. Yup, that completes my look no matter how tired I am.

Vintage shopping of today is much easier than it once was. Growing up in NJ as a teen I would either have to take mass transit to NY’s Lower East Side or drive a 1/2 hour away to the quaint college town, Montclair, NJ. There were some amazing vintage shops back then. Today, these stores are far and few between. This is why online vintage shopping is my go-to. My favorite sites are, Shrimpton Couture,,, AmarcordVintageFashion and ResurrectionVintage. Since I adore hats and have amassed quite a collection, I usually peruse Dorotheas Closet Vintage for awesome finds.

Vintage fashion is a passion which temporarily transports me to an era when women took the time to get dressed. The ritual of grooming and dressing, which is completely lacking today, includes weekly visits to the hairdresser to achieve a meticulous hair do, manicures, perfect makeup, gloves, hats, dresses and handbags. Conjure up Mad Men and you get my drift. Today’s women wears sweats revealing an overflowing gut with a pierced navel, flip flops, and hair pulled back into a ponytail topped with a bland baseball cap. This is not a fashion or sociological trend to hold on a pedestal.

Unfortunately, American casual fashion has been an influence world-wide and now we can see track suits on the Champs-Élysées. My advice: a little less time tweeting and a little more time drawing inspiration from fashion magazines of yesteryear and today. Experiment…don a veiled fascinator, wear a white tee, jeans, leopard ballets and smile. Make it your own and ROCK IT!”







2 Responses

  1. Catherine

    gorgeous! I totally agree! while we all maybe busy bees, i think its important to take time to look decent when we leave the house! I esp love the pampering i get when i go to the hairdressers and nail salon, how could this fun little past time be replaced by track pants? I love you fashion philosophy, anything and everything! xo

  2. Sherri

    Love her. The most stylish lady I know. Everyone could take a tip or two from Magdalena’s sensibilities.