Meet our amazing Vintage Queen number 122 – the wonderful Catherine from Sydney. A huge Sixties fan, Catherine uses her amazing sewing skills to bring lots of vintage patterns to life.

“Hello! My name is Catherine I’m 27 and from Sydney, Australia. I run a sewing and Sixties admiration blog called Sewing the 60s.
The main idea behind my blog is to explore Sixties fashion, culture and music and combine that with my love of sewing. I don’t tend to stick with any one particular style of the era, but I do go through mini obsessions with different things.

My current obsession is with BIBA but before that it was the simplicity of early Sixties shifts. I try not to ascribe to any set styles like mod or hippy. I love the whole decade – I can’t discriminate!

To support my sewing addiction I work as a Team Coordinator for a telecommunications company. It’s a great place to work and sewing is my creative outlet to balance out the stresses or monotony of working in a corporate environment. A lot of the things I sew are intended to wear to work so they can be a bit restrained compared to things I sew for leisure.

I initially got into vintage when I was a little kid. My mum gave me her plastic daisy printed beach bag from the Sixties and I knew from the outset that it was very special. Then in high school I discovered the joys of opp shopping. I only managed to get a few really good Sixties things, but there was enough there to kick off the eternal hunt!

Vintage appeals to me because I find the clothes far more attractive than new clothing. Certain small details like the sleeves, cuffs or collars really help me fall in love with them. Clothes were cut a little better and the fabric was much nicer. Also the excitement and newness associated with the Sixties is so attractive – I like anything fun and exciting!

My favourite era as mentioned is the Sixties, but anything preceding the Eighties also tickles my fancy I get my best vintage at the two opp shops attached to the churches in my suburb. There’s also a huge regional centre for the St Vincent De Paul Society a short bus trip away so I can really go all out there. If I’m after something particular I go to Etsy but I rather prefer the excitement of the opp shop hunt!

I also buy a lot of my fabric on Etsy and order custom fabric prints on Spoonflower. Most of the patterns I sew with are genuine Sixties patterns and lately I’ve been on a lucky streak – picking up vintage fabric at the local opp shop. I like to check the craft bins when shopping – they always get passed by and there’s always plenty of fabric and vintage notions.

My fashion inspirations are mostly the pretty birds of the Sixties – Pattie Boyd, Cathy McGowan and Jane Asher. I’m also really inspired to create by the ‘Holy Trinity of Swinging London’ – Mary Quant, Foale and Tuffin and Barbara Hulanicki (BIBA).

I love vintage dearly and when I find special items, I covet them like they’re worth millions – well to me at least!”









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  1. Ana

    Catherine’s such a doll! I wish I had her skills so I could make amazing dresses like hers!