Meet Vintage Queen number 121, the wonderful Maja from Denmark. We love her Thirties meets Fifties New Look wardrobe!

“Hello. My name is Maja and I’m a 26-year-old Copenhagener who lives in a 12 square meter room, known as my walk-in closet. My room is filled with vintage dresses, books and movies from floor to ceiling and depicts who I am pretty well. Besides finishing my thesis at university, I work as a picture editor at a Danish publishing house where I can use my knowledge of clothing and style to date pictures quite accurately.

In my spare time I often research vintage fashion, both men’s and women’s, or watch an old movie. My favorite era of movies must be the Thirties with all the glamour, sexual innuendos and handsome chaps – just look at Jimmy Stewart –sigh! Oh and I’m always looking for the next dress or brooch for my ever growing collection. I haven’t counted how many dresses or brooches I got but I have one pair of trouser that I’m building up the courage to wear out in the open.

I began wearing vintage about five or six years ago after a few years as a real hippy chic with dreadlocks and flowing Indian skirts. One day I went into a vintage shop in Copenhagen and for the fun of it picked out a peach striped cotton dress with a huge collar and matching belt. It reminded me of all the Fifties movies I’d watched as a kid and I tried it on. And after that there was no looking back. Now I do most of my shopping online or in the few good shops in Copenhagen like Episode, Prag, Genbrug or Fn92.

Style-wise I’m very much a late  Forties/early Fifties gal, quite lady-like, a little quirky and almost always with at least one brooch somewhere, as Lorelei says in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes “I love finding new places to wear diamonds”.

Though my wardrobe mostly consists of Fifties dresses, I am very much in love with the fashion of the Thiries and get constantly inspired by the cuts, colours and patterns of this era but my body suits the cuts of the New Look style, so the Fifties has a better fit for me.

I also love the fact that when Christian Dior’s New Look collection came out, people were outraged by the extravagance of the wide skirts and the cinched waist and all the ladidaa of the thing. It’s such a funny thought that the New Look was the “bad girl” in the class – something that I think has been forgotten today where where it is the highest form of glamour and style. I do try to get as much of a Thirties vibe into my wardrobe as I can while still maintaining the New Look figure.

I also have quite a big collection of brooches from the Thirties to the Sixties and have been collecting these beautiful and funny trinkets for almost as long as I’ve been wearing vintage. It all started with a blackamoor brooch of a zulu with rhinestone skirt and a shaking shield and since then the collection has said welcome to dogs with top hats, flowers and theatre masks.

The thing I love about vintage is the fact that we have the whole century to play with. We have the opportunity to wear the best every era and pick and choose whatever we love the most.”









12 Responses

  1. Nora

    OMG she is sooo beautiful! i love her whole wardrobe and i’m sooo soo jealous!!!

  2. Catherine

    Gorgeous! Im really starting to like the 1930s look recently, and i really love your black sweater with the little beret – very chic and a little French resistance!

  3. Maja

    thank you, my mom made it for me – it was inspired by a picture of Audrey Hepburn sporting a sweater of a similar design – though mine somehow ended up being more 30’s than 50s:)

  4. Paul Hayward

    I’m a vintage since chilhood and I can recognize when someone is an authentic vintage! Congratulations, Maja.