Our latest Vintage Queen, student Alex who lives in Sheffield, fell in love with the Forties and Fifties as a little girl.

“My real name is Alex Backhouse, but I use ‘Miss B’ for my blogging.  I am 20 years old and am a student at The University of Sheffield.  I’m in the second year of a Law with German degree and will be spending next year in Germany on a year abroad.

My love of vintage started from a very young age.  My family and their friends are huge classic motorbike/car enthusiasts so I was brought up with a respect for things from an older generation.  This grew as I got older and started looking at the Fifties and Sixties, in particular the rock and roll style.

I’d often go to motorbike shows and see ladies all dressed up with quiffs and polka dot swing dresses.  I probably didn’t even know what the
style was called then but I still fell for it.  I think it all started out as a way to be different and to stand out from the crowd but now it really
is my life.

I now write a vintage fashion and lifestyle blog and never leave the house without red lipstick and seamed stockings.  I would tend to say that my two favourite eras are the Forties and Fifties but I could look at pictures from every year from between 1920 to 1960 and want to live in every single one of them.

I mostly shop online, through eBay (as it suits my student budget).  There a few vintage shops in Sheffield however it’s usually quite tricky to find
pieces from the eras that I love.  Freshman’s and BangBang Vintage are always fun to look around, as is Cow.  There’s also a great little place
just opened called Bird’s Yard which has some amazing individual businesses inside – it’s well worth a look.

I do wear quite a lot of reproduction vintage wear as I worry less about putting it in the washing machine (however vintage I am I just don’t have
time for hand washing every day).  Most of my repro pieces come from Vivien of Holloway, Tara Starlet and Heyday.

My favourite piece of vintage clothing is a black jacket that I bought from a stall at The Goodwood Revival.  It’s got the most beautiful fur
collar and makes me feel so very glamorous when I wear it!”