How gorgeous is our wonderful Vintage Queen no 106, the lovely Ruby? We absolutely love her amazing collection of vintage hats and perfect hair styles.

“Vintage started for me as a wistful, impossible dream that slowly encroached on waking life.  As a child, I would skip through biographies of the Golden Era’s great and glamourous, greedily absorbing every detail of the image sections hidden at intervals within the lengthy prose, storing a bank of visual information that I would later draw on.

As I grew older, I chose high street clothes that incorporated these extracted elements – a high waist, a mary jane shoe, a seamed stocking – until finally purchasing my first vintage item.  An early Sixties navy blue Lane Bryant dress.  It was perfect.  Fashioned from silk crepe, round collared, three quarter length sleeves and tightly fitted around the waist, I didn’t want to wear anything else, which would not have been at all sensible.  I did the next best thing and bought another dress from the same era, this time a secretarial wool number in a quite alarming shade of teal.

After that there was no stopping me, and I gradually worked my way backwards through history, taking in the exaggerated feminine silhouettes of the Fifties, and ending somewhere between the sharp suited Forties and slinky thrills of the Thirties.

Early on in my descent through the eras, I fell hard for hats.  Sculpted from felt and sitting oh-so-elegantly above the hairline, I would rarely leave the house without one.  As my hat collection grew (exponentially), they pointed, or rather framed, the final missing element to my look – hair and make-up.

Hair in particular, is integral to hat-wearing.  Hats suit hair rather than faces.  I took pains in styling my hair appropriately, and ended up enjoying it so much that I now sport elaborate hair styles more often than hats.

I document my daily ‘dos on Instagam (@rubyarmoire), and every once in a while post my best efforts on my blog along with a few of my adventures and rather randomly, gluten-free recipes.”


2 Responses

  1. Simona

    Congratulations Ruby! You are so worth it, I adore your hairstyles and wonderful outfits!