Our Vintage Queen no 105 loves the classic Hollywood look – and it shows in her own style. We think she could have easily stepped off the silver screen herself.

“I’m Clare, I’m a singer and Indy model, I live in Melbourne Australia. I love wearing vintage because it transports me to another time and another world. I love that something well-made and beautiful has lasted through time.

The first time I wore vintage was as a child, my mother had a dress up box with gold heels and Seventies psychedelic  dresses. These clothes were so different from any clothes anyone wore in the small country town I grew up in  and it really peaked my interest in dressing up. I didn’t want to wear my school uniform, I wanted to wear those wonderful play clothes all the time. Around this time I also read the book Playing Beatie Bow – in this book the contemporary heroine gets transported to the Victorian Era by wearing a lace collar she finds in a thrift store.

I studied fashion design and love the clothes of so many era’s – my particular favourites are clothing through the lense of the silver screen 1917 through to the Sixties. I love the decadence and glamour of film, and I have spent many hours looking at images of golden age film stars in their beautiful costumes. If I had to pick one era it would be the very late Thirties through the early Fifties. What I love most about that time are films  interpreting another era in technicolour ala Gone with the Wind and Singing in the Rain.

My favourite vintage stores are Circa in Melbourne and Aprils Caravan in Canberra. I also like to buy online. I’m not a collector, with very few exceptions I don’t hold onto things, once I have worn a vintage garment for a performance or a photo shoot I  pass them on to another woman who will love the dress as much as I have.  For me dressing up is a ephemeral process, it’s about transformation and connection to other women through time.”

image credits:
20s hair: Ian Holdsworth, Dress: Rose Chong Costumiers MUA Lou Mclaren

image 2: Hanging Rock photographer Yasuke Sato, MUA Lou Mclaren
hotrod: Shannon Brooke, Swimsuit Clara Fox, MUA Jennifer Corona
black and white: Shannon Brooke, Nightgown Circa Vintage Clothing, MUA Jennifer Corona
pincurls: Shannon Brooke, Dress  Circa Vintage Clothing, MUA Jennifer Corona

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  1. Anneke

    I remember reading Paying Beatie Bow over and over, it was one of my favourite books. These photos are exquisite, I really like the hair.