Meet our fabulous Vintage Queen no 104, the lovely Tess from the Netherlands,whose quirky pick-and-mix approach to vintage fashion creates a unique and individual style.

“Although I wear vintage every day, I am not really set on just one decade as most Vintage Queens are. My absolute favorite fashion decade is the Fifties, but I adore the Twenties to Forties as well. I can even appreciate elements from the Sixties and Seventies!

Therefore my personal style tends to be kind of a ‘mixture’ most of the times. A combination of vintage, retro, quirkiness and me I guess.

I can say, with all my heart, vintage is my love, passion and job and therefore a huge part of my life. I have worked in the vintage scene for years, now as a fashion stylist, and I dedicated myself to sharing the love for fashion history by teaching teenagers all about it.

I also keep a blog about my personals style, vintage adventures and fashion history called Fifties Darling. I love to talk about everything ‘old’ and I do hope the vintage fever will eventually catch on in The Netherlands, where I’m from.