Meet our lovely Vintage Queen no 103, Tina from California. Her amazing Forties style definitely deserves to be crowned.

“My name is Tina Vines and I live in Berkeley, California. I love all things vintage but have a special love of the Forties, the hairstyles and clothing of that era are simply divine! I love sewing from vintage patterns to make era-correct clothing for myself, my boyfriend and friends. I am most proud of the Forties western shirt that I sewed for my honey that features authentic piping, pearl snaps and “smile” pockets with hand-stiched arrowhead tacks!

I also operate a traditional, old fashioned hand-painted sign shop with my boyfriend, who is the sign painter. We are keeping an age old tradition alive by offering the service of hand painting signs, the way it was done way-back-when. Our shop is decorated like one of the past and we operate that way, no computers are used for our signs.

I’ve just started a little blog as a place to share my love of vintage style, sewing and my thrifting adventures!”

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