We couldn’t just leave it at 100 Vintage Queens – there are far too many amazing vintage-lovers out there –  which is why we’ve launched round two! Drum-roll please…

Meet the first Vintage Queen of our second series: Lola. Only 14 years old, Lola has been into vintage for about two years now.  Her favourite decade is the Fifties, whose glamour and femininity feel just right to her. Bored of the highstreet, it’s the uniqueness of vintage that really captured her imagination, and it’s when wearing her favourite Fifties dresses that she feels truly comfortable. It has even increased her confidence – this teenager isn’t afraid to stand out!

It was Lola’s mum who took her shopping to Edinburgh to a vintage shop called Armstrong and Sons, and who told her about similar shops in Newcastle in the early Eighties where she used to buy fur stoles and vintage bags at excellent prices. Both now regularly go to vintage fairs to shop.

Moreover though, it was Lola who convinced her mum to go vintage when she was staring her own business – This Charming Vintage. Needless to mention that Lola loves to help out, be it as a model or as a sales girl at vintage events.

If only we had been this stylish at Lola’s age!

3 Responses

  1. Jessica Cangiano

    Posts like this warm my vintage loving heart so much. I’ve always adored mid-century fashion, and was about Lola’s age when I was finally able to begin shopping for my own clothes and picking up vintage pieces at the local thrift stores (quite often on my school lunch breaks). It’s fantastic to know that a new generation of vintage lovers are following in the footsteps of us “older gals” (at 28, I’m double her age).

    Keep loving and wearing vintage, Lola – you’re off to a stellar start!!!


  2. Amelia

    Lola is fabulous! It’s always fun seeing teenage vintage lovers, I was around 14 when I started to get into it, but I didn’t have the courage to do it properly until I was 16 or 17.

  3. EmmaB

    Its great to see younger people who are happy to be unique and individual and not be led by high street fashion.