Based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, our fabulous Vintage Queen number 66, Jolene , has always been a creator and purveyor of vintage hospitality and dreams. As the doyenne of the amazing Forties Quite The Stir Bungalow Bed & Breakfast, Jolene lives a thoroughly vintage life.

When you’re looking for all things vintage and fine, a bit naughty,edgy, avant garde, or kitschy this is where you’ll most certainly find Jolene.

Founder of a huge array of successful vintage ventures such as the Forties Quite The Stir Bungalow Bed and Breakfast, Creating Quite The Stir Event Planners Co., Quite The Stir Haute Couture, American Vintage Essence, Bungalow Radio.WWII Iconic Women Spies Show.

A great believer in giving, Jolene also set up the children’s “Home For The Holidays” Charity, as well as the Stateside Non-Profit Foundation dedicated to honoring WWII Front and Homefront GI Joes and Janes.

Jolene – who is also known as Jolene Bungalow Gal –  lives, adores and breathes vintage Thirties glamour and Forties attitude and style and loves actresses Carole Lombard and Katharine Hepburn.

Amidst my passion of history, there arose the passion of vintage. Mother, what decades the Thirties and Forties were!

Icons, heroes, actors, legends, ground breaking fashions, startling inventions and the Vargas and Elgren of pin-up girls came of age.

From “hit the factories”, Rosie The Riveter to intriguing woman spies such as Virginia Hall and every rule-breaking Fly Girl storming our skies, a new frontier emerged in history.

And the music, the music! From Swing to the Jitterbug, the big bands had everyone everywhere swinging to “A Sentimental Journey and a bit of “Bugle Boy” too.

The Golden Age of Hollywood with the elocution and “Hollywood Speak, “a tad ovah the top”, Broadway, the haute monde night clubs to nightly radio or the Drive-ins, the era offered up glamour, attitude and style from fashion to the arts.

All of this and more engendered us all with a powerful history. “The Greatest Generation”, what’s not to fall in love with?

23 Responses

  1. Doug

    Very impressive, Jolene. 🙂 Glad to be acquainted with you!

  2. Brenda

    Jolene is an inspiration!! She’s keeping the ‘greatest generation’ alive, and reminding us just why they are so great! She does a super job in pulling events together, with style and just enough attitude to make it fun.

  3. Kim

    Jolene – fabulous article, great pictures. All very classy, which is what I would expect from a Class Act such as yourself! Style, attitude, you are “The Real Thing”.

  4. Marie Coughlan

    Jolene is the most wonderful woman & innkeeper I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!!!! Keep up the great work!!!! We are behind you 100%

  5. Ann

    So cool!!!

    Jolene is an inspiration for all those around! She just has dreams, carries through with them, but also has her priorities in the right places at all times. She is a pleasure to know and a true friend!

  6. Tina C.

    I vote for Jolene, Thee True Vintage Queen. She’s not a Janey Come Lately. She has always had The Vintage Gene right down to her bobby socks, saddle shoes and finger waved do.

    You go, Jolene, Vintage Queen!!

  7. Cheryl Briard

    Jolene, your are the greatest in inspiration and 40’s excitement! I love your sailor outfit and shoes!! Love, Cher

  8. Rachel Gaffney

    I loved this. I also think the photos capture the essence of the lady….fun,classy, & edgy
    She is truely a giving lady . I especially love how she is not allowing the great era to be forgotten but rather embraced and fondly remembered.

  9. Barb

    Looks like you’re having fun, doing some good work, and helping others all at the same time. Nice job!

  10. Lisa

    Jolene ~ I love this!

    What a wonderful article about a wonderful gal. 🙂

    You truly give 150% to all that you do…you go girl!

  11. Kristen Dikio

    Jolene is THE queen of vintage!!! I love this article : ) Keep up the amazing work, Jolene, you are such an inspiration!

  12. Jolene (Vintage Queen Agent 66)

    Dahlings? A huge thank you from Queen of Vintage 66, Agent Jolene! This American Treasure is honored to be included among royalty in such a phenomenal Magazine. Queen Lena, Dahling! What an absolutely great read and resource of material you offer to those of us who are seriously vintage and vintage minded! You’re in our sights and soaring the altitudes dahling, now jet! Off with me to vintage! Regahds, and Hubba, Hubba…OH-DAD-E-OH! Jolene

  13. Kathy Hamrick

    You are definitely a true Queen of Vintage and so deserving. The article is simply–fantastic!
    I love the pictures as they transport me back to my childhood days. The telephone is like the one my grandparents had. Thank you for keeping this era alive for me. I still am tapping my one red slipper for you darling and still dancing away to some of the Big Band tunes you have shared wih all of us.

  14. rhonda

    Jolene, You are awesome, thank you so much for all your great wonderful support and for always being there for each and everyone. You are a true blessing. Rhonda

  15. Lin

    That’s my sister and she’s as sweet and lovely as she appears — she’s the real deal! <3