Our amazing Vintage Queen number 78 dresses in mid-century style – we think she looks fabulous in Forties, Fifties and Sixties. Plus  how could we not love a girl who’s into The Beatles and has a crush on Ray Davies?

“My name is Melanie Sveine and I live in beautiful Oakland CA. I’m recently married and I work the front desk at a hair salon. I’ve always had a love affair with vintage clothing and have been dressing and collecting vintage since I was about 14.

From the time I was 16 up until a few years ago, the era I loved most was the Sixties. Recently, I’ve grown to love the Forties and Fifties. I find that those eras of clothing fit my body very well and I love the attention to detail that most of the clothing has.

I love hunting for vintage almost as much as I love to wear it. There’s something exciting about the thrill of the hunt and finding something one of a kind in unexpected places.

I once found a Doset-Rex box purse at a thrift store for $8.00!

I’m constantly searching for new clothing and I also have a penchant for record collecting which leaves me pretty much broke. I need to win the lottery.

I love wearing vintage clothing because it makes me feel confident. I long for the days when people took pride in their appearance and dressed to the nines. I strive for that in my every day life.

You can find me at my blog!”



9 Responses

  1. alaura

    She is so beautiful! I like how vintage on her looks very natural, and it just suits her well. I’m definintely checking out her blog!

  2. gigigisele

    When I was teenager I came across my late mom’s clothes she wore in the 1960’s.1970’s before her death. In my early 20yr’s I began wearing her garments,my grand mama and great grandma’s clothes..around 1990’s. I used to get laugh’s from people because they assumed I was an actress making a period piece film. I enjoyed wearing my mama’s,grand mama’s clothing. Lucky I taken pictures to prove that I was ahead of the pack before 1997. Older garments need special care,storage and dry cleaning.Hurricane Katrina distroyed many furs,purses,clutches,gowns,pants..I do have about one hundred items in storage in New Orleans,La.Before my late grand aunt’s passed away I was given compacts,jewelry,luggage,antique silver,hats,blouses,etc.. I will pass these on to others who will appreciate our strong french ancestry..Vintage clothes are fun to wear..memories of another’s past..