Our amazing Vintage Queen number 73, Zohar, grew up with a vintage dealer mum and has since launched her own vintage shop on Etsy, making vintage a definite family business. We love our Queen for her playful take on the midcentury silhouette and her immense passion for Forties and Fifties fashion.

Well, I’m 24 years old and I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I’m a theater student – graduating (hopefully) this year. I always seemed to have kept my old clothes and have jumped at the opportunity to receive some hand-me-downs.I also grew up in a house were old things were treasured. This mixed with my own experimental taste in clothes and accessories drew me more and more to items that had a history and a more interesting shape or silhouette than the ones used at present times.

My mother and her business partner own one of the most successful second-hand and vintage shops in Israel. It being a family business I pretty much did every odd job available which made vintage a significant part of my daily life.

Finally this year I decided to take the next step after working in a costume warehouse and as a personal shopper (vintage and modern) and opened my own vintage shop on Etsy that is my own personal homage to beautiful vintage clothing and accessories.

My shop is also a reflection of my personal taste in clothes – I will never put an item up that I wouldn’t try to mix into my own outfits. Vintage gives you a certain feeling of exclusiveness so I try to make the items I sell affordable because I know how special I feel wearing so many of the items I own, knowing they are probably one of a kind with such a rich history.

I find that I gravitate more towards the Fifties and the Forties – the reasons are varied. First of all the fit is wonderful – in my opinion those were clothes made to show the female body at the peak of its femininity, and personally those silhouettes look best on my body type.

I also love the Forties and Fifties because of the meticulous way in which women dressed – hats and gloves, purses for every occasion, shoes, patterns and colors were all an important part of a woman’s outfit.

I wish such attention to details was expected today as well – hair to heels. I love vintage because it allows me to express my own personal aesthetics in a way clothes today don’t always allow. I also love the idea that every piece I wear was loved by someone else and was used for special events in that persons life.

Find out more about Zohar on her blog: http://krinoline.blogspot.com







2 Responses

  1. Kiri

    That’s really neat that she lives in Israel! My family Jewish and I’d love to visit there someday.
    I love the first outfit best. That dress is so cute and I would never have thought to match that sweater to it, but I really like how she made it work.