Our lovely Vintage Queen number 37 loves Fifties fashion. A vintage stylist and seller, she has an enviable collection of Fifties frocks, hats and accessories in her to-die-for boudoir.

Naomi is the owner of online vintage boutique www.vintagesecret.com. It was set up to channel her vintage addiction into a more healthy pursuit seeing as all attempts to curb it failed. She enjoys dressing up, having fun with clothes and is not afraid to be labelled girly.

Naomi’s favourite eras are the elegance of the Thirties and the fun, full skirts and prints of the Fifties. Her natural habitatis the local charity shop, where she generally has her nose in the bargain bin.

Naomi can’t stand the high street and much prefers to spend her days nattering over tea and cake in her boudoir in East London where she would love you to join her.



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