Meet our fabulous Vintage Queen no 157, the gorgeous Eszter. A vintage model and fan dance, she admires the Forties, particularly Dior’s New Look.

“My name is Eden L’Amour – or Eszter Varadi – I am a vintage and retro model as well as feather fan dancer from Australia, although my heritage is Hungarian, I moved to Sydney nine years ago.

Why vintage? Too many reasons from the quality of the garments, the way they were constructed to the amazing fabrics, the workmanship of each gown, the individuality of wearing vintage, the classic iconic fashion and incomparable style.

Women took great care of how they presented themselves whether they had money or were poorer. I recall my grandmother telling us how she used cut-up newspaper to curl her hair as she couldn’t afford rollers when she was a young lady. I also love the fact, that firstly, I am recycling already made items by choosing vintage instead of supporting mass produced, poor quality clothing,that most likely will end up in landfill.

Also, I feel like I am wearing a part of someone’s life in a way – carrying their heritage. A great example is my most precious Forties showgirl costume from ” Teatro Luna ” in Barcelona. It comes with a matching hat and gloves. I feel empowered when I perform in it,what an incredible lady this piece must have belonged to.

My favourite era has to be the late Forties, particularly when Dior revolutionised fashion history with his “New Look collection “in 1947. I got into vintage about four years ago, I’ve always loved rockabilly, but vintage opened up a whole new world to me.

My style icons are┬áZsazsa Gabor, Rita Hayworth, Vivien Leigh,Hedy Lamarr,the one and only Marilyn Monroe,Elizabeth Taylor and too many others to list. My dance icon is Sally Rand.”