Meet gorgeous Vintage Queen no 153, the fabulous Stephanie from Melbourne. With a penchant for mid-century clothing she has brought together an inspirational wardrobe of pastel-coloured dresses and other vintage finds.

“Hi I’m Stephanie K. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and during the week I’m a marketing assistant whilst daydreaming of my next vintage find. When I’m not working I’m a blogger, vintage dress hoarder and Forties to Sixties enthusiast. I collect everything from dresses, beauty products, advertising material and home wares.

I think my love for vintage all started with my grandparents and their impeccable sense of style. On top of this I was exposed to my father’s love of classic cars and the hotrod scene. I love having an outfit that is unique and has a story behind it. I also find the style very flattering for my body shape far more than modern styles currently on the market.

I love the hunt involved with thrift shopping and estate sales but can’t go past some vintage boutiques in Melbourne, if I’m looking to
splash out on something glamorous. My favorite store at the moment is Vintage Garage in Fitzroy, Melbourne, they have a great selection of unique pieces with prices that are fairly reasonable.

I feature a lot of tips on my blog The Pin Up Curl but the biggest lifesaver I have picked up lately is root powder. Sprinkle a little
bit on your hair starting at the roots and rubbing it through the rest. It gives your hair the perfect amount of grit and texture to
achieve great bumper bangs and victory rolls without having to damage your hair by teasing.

I guess the best part of the vintage scene is the fabulous community it has created and it just keeps growing. There is nothing better than meeting like minded individuals and sharing stories, advice and latest purchases.”