Meet lovely Vintage Queen no 152, the fab Olivia from the UK. A super thrifty vintage lover, she makes all her own hair accessories!

“I’m Olivia, 20, lover of everything cute and/or vintage based in London. I mainly focus on the Forties and Fifties as it is the best fashion that suits my body shape.

I incorporate vintage in to everything I do, from my home to my photography company. Within my clothing I like to mix old, new and revamped,  I am a very crafty person and make all my own hair flowers for example.

I swear by cardigans, so I love to add little lace collars and botches. I enjoy making anything, from my own jewellery, dresses and hats, with a little help from my mother. I love a good charity shop and hunting for anything interesting, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that!

Obviously I love everything to do with hair and makeup. Whenever I am out shopping I get stopped and asked about my hair, even more so now there is pink in it. I am always doing pin up make overs on my friends, and I love it.”