Meet wonderful Vintage Queen no 151, the gorgeous Mimi from California.Her love for Marilyn Monroe is definitely reflected in her look and style.

“My name is Mimi Meyer, I’m 24 and I live in Hollywood California.

I grew up on old movies and music and well there is just something so personal and unique about vintage I suppose I try to be like that in every aspect of my life, personal and unique.

It’s hard to choose one decade that I love the most because from the Twenties to the Sixties I love it all I suppose I really love the glamorous Thirties and Forties the most. I think of Ginger Rogers in a top hat, how dreamy! Also I really really love hats! I make my own usually although I have quite a collection of vintage ones too.

I am inspired by so many things and people in terms of style. First and foremost Marilyn Monroe she is the perfect “woman”-  although I am only 24 and still have little girl moments I really love the idea of a female coming into womanhood, there’s something empowering about that. Some other inspirations would be Marchesa Casati, Fred Astaire, Marlene Dietrich to name a few.

Living in LA is interesting because you can find anything, literally anything, clothing-wise here. For the most part I buy mostly vintage but I love going to flea markets and swap meets and getting creative being a gal on a budget. My favorite vintage stores are Iguana Vintage and Squaresville.

My beauty tips: fake lashes always amp up any vintage look and to make it look that much more glamorous: pin curls, pin curls, pin curls! They take for ever but are so worth it. When I’m wearing red lipstick I always mix two colors, usually lighter pinks to make my lips look super plump and kissable!

And lastly I try to never leave my apartment without my confidence. You are as glamorous as you feel, people notice that really. Never drop character!”

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  1. Delicia

    Some very good advice! This queen is beautiful, and her personality shines in these photos!

  2. Kathleen Crowley

    Love this – how does one submit a picture?