Meet fabulous Vintage Queen no 150, Porcelina from Wales. Fascinated with old Hollywood she’s built up a vintage and repro wardrobe that reflects her love for the past.

“My name is Porcelina, I live in the South Wales Valleys, having recently ‘escaped to the country’ from Cardiff. I work as a university researcher, and in my free time I write my blog Porcelina’s World, and am a freelance journalist.

I first became interested in vintage through the burlesque scene – the Forties and Fifties-style underwear that I saw performers wear took my breath away, and I soon started making lots of purchases from vintage repro brand ‘What Katie Did’. I also became interested in the make-up and hairstyles and in the clothes that I saw people wearing, as many of the audience would attend the burlesque evenings in their vintage finery.

One evening I saw a girl dressed in a liquid satin Thirties gown, like she’d stepped right out of the silver screen. From that moment on I wanted to look like an old Hollywood movie star! My hemlines got longer and my heels higher, and after having been through so many different ‘looks’ in my life (including ’emo’, let’s not go there!), I finally felt like myself.

Dita von Teese was my first vintage ‘style crush’, as she shows how you can be a modern woman and yet wear vintage. I also thinks she masters wearing modern clothing to create a vintage look. Other style icons would include Barbara Stanwyck, Doris Day and Lauren Bacall. My favourite era would be the late Thirties, but I have grown to love other decades, even the early Sixties thanks to Mad Men!

Being on a limited budget, I have never bought vintage from high-end vintage shops, but source things from eBay, car boot sales, charity shops and vintage fairs. I also buy a fair amount of vintage repro these days (20th Century Foxy is my favourite shop!) and you can always, always find vintage-inspired clothing for a steal on the high street if you’re prepared to hunt past the jeggings.

I have gained a new appreciation of history through my love of vintage style, and am truly glad for the wonderful online vintage community that I have become a part of.”