Meet gorgeous Vintage Queen no 148, Emma from Suffolk (UK). Her thrifty approach to vintage means she has a wardrobe full of cool mid-century pieces.

“I’m Emma Cherry, as well as being a singer and musician, I write an independent lifestyle vintage blog. Born and raised in a small industrial town in the south of Suffolk, I’ve always had a penchant for vintage; anything from the Forties to the Seventies has me twisting my fingers in an excited, apprehensive stance, eager to just touch the item in question.

My style inspiration stems from the old Hollywood Glamour with icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Donna Reed and Marilyn Monroe, I have a vast dvd collection, mainly old black and white movies.

Women appeared to be much sexier back then. I’m not sure why I’m inspired so much, I’m not overly romantic or one to daydream – however, I just feel drawn into the glamour of those times – it just makes me happy, it’s as simple as that!

When it comes to shopping, I like to be thrifty with my purchases, all of my Sixties teak furniture was sought in charity/second hand furniture shops in my local area. I’ve been known to regularly purge on the charity shop circuit: one Saturday, £30 in my purse and I’ll pick up some wonderful things within budget. Obviously, there are days when I come home with nothing…..but this is the fun of it isn’t it?

Most of my wardrobe is jam-packed with Fifties sundresses and Seventies party dresses, however I do believe there are some things that should be bought new – I love the look of the old Fifties underwear, the girdles and massive knickers. Although I do own a Seventies Basque and a couple of Fifties girdles, I don’t wear them, they’re just to look at. I like to buy shoes new too, there are so many lovely styles out there – a girl can’t be without a decent pair of heels!

If I could give any tips for sourcing vintage they would be: be patient – there are items I’ve been waiting years to find and one day (I hope) I will stumble upon them. Shop thriftily – Don’t assume that you’ll only find what you’re looking for in “Vintage Shops”. Vintage is everywhere; learning about the materials, textures, detailing and stitching can help you date an item in charity/thrift shops. Ask relatives – it sounds obvious, but unless your great aunt knows that you’d really really appreciate her ten black bags of clothing in the back of the loft, then it’s a great idea to just mention it.”