Meet amazing Vintage Queen no 147, the fabulous Cathy, originally from the UK but now based in Ireland. With her love for the Forties and gift for crafting and styling, she keeps the ‘make do and mend’ spirit of her favourite decade alive.

“My name is Cathy Troth, originally from Wolverhampton, UK but I’ve been living in Killarney, Ireland, since 2000.

Most of the time I am a mum and wife but on Sundays I get a break and work in New Look. The last six months have seen me take up accessory and clothing upstyling, where I breathe new life and a sprinkling of vintage into old pieces. I also make fascinators and hats. I love the creativity it opens up in me.

I so enjoy putting on my vintage-inspired clothes. Whatever the event – weddings, race days, competitions – I will always twist my outfit towards vintage. Sometimes, I feel like I’m putting on a costume, sometimes, I feel it’s how I should be. Many people laugh and say I was born in the wrong era. Maybe I was.

My favourite eras are the Forties and early Fifties. Women were coming into their own but without losing their femininity. They were glamorous but their red lipstick covered a steel hard resolve that kept things going through the toughest of times. I admire that.

I have always been a ‘second hand rose’ and it is inevitable that my outfits are pieced together from charity shops with an occasional ‘real’ purchase when I can’t resist a piece. But money will never be a substitute for knowledge and a good eye!

I’m happy to have found something to be so passionate about. The vintage scene isn’t that popular in Ireland but I hope that begins to change as people learn old ways can be celebrated and not seen as disadvantaging.”