Meet fabulous Vintage Queen no 137, the beautiful Carli from Australia who has tons of vintage je ne sais quois.

“My name is Carli and I am from a small Country town in Victoria, Australia, and am known about town as ‘the girl who wears old stuff’, so I do get a few good stares and lots of lovely comments on a daily basis.  I have been married to my long time love for 18 years and have two daughters.

I am a glass artist, specialising in intricate small glass beads which get shipped to jewelry designers and galleries all over the globe. I also have a vintage and beauty blog which I write on daily.

I started dressing in vintage at age 15 when I found a pair of Sixties silver lurex boots in my Grandmother’s closet and fell in love.  It was an easy obsession to fall into as this was when vintage clothing could be found in huge quantities at the local thrift store for around 50 cents a piece!

I loved the Sixties and Seventies for the shimmering lurex, leather trench coats, flared jeans and tasseled flowing skirts, but after two babies I much prefer to dress in late Forties to late Fifties, as this suits my figure the best. I have a penchant for novelty printed items, floral, Hawaiian dresses and Mexican skirts.  After buying a bit of every style from every decade over the years, I am now trying to keep my wardrobe in these styles.

I collect ( I say collect but that word is just an excuse to buy more vintage guilt free)  quite a few mid-century items including Japanese kitsch ceramics, Lucite purses, Bakelite and celluloid jewelry, Sunbeam mixers and other kitchenalia.

I used to be but am no longer a vintage ‘purist’, I now prefer to mix up my vintage clothing with modern shoes, reproduction dresses and prolific accessories.  This extends the life of my vintage clothing collection by not having them in daily rotation, and I can now save my very best pieces for special wear.

I do all of my vintage shopping online, primarily eBay and Etsy.  My shoe collection mainly comes from Miss L Fire and Irregular Choice online stores.

I try not to follow any one person’s style but if I had to pick a modern role model it would have to be Dita Von Teese.  Actually, I would just like to BE Dita….or at least have her wardrobe.  Her dedication to her look is inspiring.  My vintage role model is begging me to say Bettie Page but I secretly might prefer Liz Taylor just a *tiny* bit more.

I firmly believe in never leaving the house without red lipstick, black eyeliner and a bullet bra on, matching your belt to your shoes and telling somebody that they look fabulous at least once a day.”

































carli wiggle dress




8 Responses

  1. SandyS

    OMG, Carli, you look gorgeous! My favourite outfit would be the one with the blue flowers that matches the shoes so well.
    I love the last sentence and have to use it on myself more often^^

  2. Helga

    And she just happens to be a hilarious sweetie on top of all that fabulousness!!
    Rock ON, Carli! XXX

  3. Carli

    Thank you so much Queens of Vintage for choosing me! And thank you to everyone for your kind comments. xx

  4. Tina Verhey

    Hi Carli.
    You look absolutely wonderful and you fashion is divine.

  5. Jessica Cangiano

    Love that you shone the spotlight on Carli! She’s one of the coolest, most sartorially inspiring vintage ladies that I know. I also adore that neither of us shy away from generous doses of colour in our wardrobe – plus her shoe collection makes me go weak in the knees! 🙂

  6. Sanne

    Oh, Carly, what a darling article. 50 cents, those were the days. And Liz was fabulous – as you are. Such lovely photos. Happy New Year. 🙂