Meet our gorgeous Vintage Queen no 124, the lovely Lisa who’s wedding we featured last week. She wears her Forties and Fifties wardrobe with such style that her outfits are always quirky, cool and totally individual.

“My name is Lisa Fox, I am 31 and live in Kent. The surname ‘Fox’ is a new acquisition gained when I married my amazing wife in January this year. There was no way I wasn’t going to have her fabulous last name. To make sure it stays, I have incorporated it into my new business ‘Mrs Fox’s Finery & Fancies’. I guess she is stuck with me now!

I’m an old fashion girl at heart who loves vintage fashion and lifestyle (not to mention a bit of cutting and pasting). My main interest is fashion from the Fifties but in the last few years I have started wearing more styles from the Forties. I prefer to send letters and cards rather than a quick email, but have to admit to being partial to long chats on the telephone with friends and family.

I set up ‘Mrs Fox’s Finery & Fancies’ after my wedding with the aim of bringing a little vintage into people’s lives. To further my cause I have a blog where I post stories about things that interest or inspire me. I also trade at local vintage fairs in Kent and South London, selling genuine vintage clothing, custom made brooch bouquets and anything that I find which piques my interest. It’s been a great way to get to know more people who have the same passion that I do for all things vintage.

The second hand buying bug was inherited from my nana who used to take me shopping to the local charity shops as a child with her best friend. I used to buy all kinds of things and regardless of how bizarre or wacky these finds may have been, I like to think that I could make even the craziest outfit work, although the photographic evidence might indicate that some were more successful than others! I am not sure even Marilyn Monroe could pull off wearing a pink corduroy suit. Despite my purchasing highs and lows I am proud to say that I have picked up some good finds and along the way I discovered that I really cared about vintage. I still have a black and white polka dot dress that I’m hoping one day I will be able to get back into!

Never satisfied with just one thing, my love of vintage expanded from clothes to shoes, scarves and hats (a girl can never have a too many hats) and the collection grew in tandem with my interest. Luckily for me I was able to have my own shoe room! I love creating new outfits from all my finds and mixing up vintage, repo and new. My wardrobe is always open to friends who need to borrow bits and it is not uncommon for me to lose track of who has borrowed what.

Fashion is not my only love; music has always been a central part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whilst my nana was teaching me the art of the bargain hunt, my granddad’s educational influence was no less important. He was responsible for introducing me to some of the great female vocalists of the past, Connie Francis, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, to name but a few. It maybe of little surprise that I wanted to dress in the way these artists and some of the great film stars of the time did, in the way that I could see them on record covers or old movies. Not much has changed in that regard.

I spend most of my wages from my day job on charity shops, boot sales and a few other secret places (after all a girl can’t give too much away)! I like going to shops and markets so tend not to shop online, partly because I enjoy the treasure hunt as well as having a good chat with the seller. I have to admit to going through colour stages and it is not uncommon for me to have a different one for each season, it kind of just happens. At present its green and purple.

My day job is also a great way to get inspiration as I work as Head of Production for a Production Company which specialises in archive TV and film. I help oversee the transfers of film ranging from 16mm, 35mm to DVD. Working with films dating back to the Thirties is a great way to see images and fashion of the past. I always have my favourite stills on my pin board at work – I have in fact taken over two walls!

I am really sentimental about life and the people I care about. I have inherited pieces from my grandma that I like to wear. I have a pair of opal earrings which I wear nearly everyday and a scarf she had from Liberty’s, which I had to wash in the end but didn’t want to as it had that comforting scent of her on it.

The favourite piece I own is my navy blue day dress I got from New York. It’s not over the top and in fact is very practical for me but every time I wear it I think of the holiday I went from being a girlfriend to a wife to be…

A very ‘style wise’ friend once said to me ‘The thing about you Lisa is that you are unbrandable’. How fab is that!”

Listed below are a few key things for me:

Red lipstick and stockings with seams make me feel ready to face the world.

I love a handbag that makes a “click” when you close it.

I believe shoes are always and without exception worth every penny.

I think it’s good to mix up the old and new.

You can’t ever be too over dressed for anything.

image blue dress: Pete Chapman, wedding image: Ian Booth

5 Responses

  1. CherryT

    I love your style Lisa! The phrase “a handbag that clicks when you close it” about sums it up for me too xxx

  2. SandyS

    Oh, you’re gorgeous. I loved that last post about your vintage wedding – which got me addicted to your blog^^ And this is an adorable post about you and your beautiful style *love*

  3. Lisa Fox

    Thanks Sandy, I better make sure these nice words don’t go to my head! Glad you are enjoying the blog. x

  4. kate

    Really beautiful looks, I particularly love that turquoise and polka dot dress

    Kate-the old fashioned way