Meet our Vintage Queen no 119, the gorgeous Sara who blogs at Lilies and Remains. Her early Forties style showcases war-time fashion to perfection.

“My name is Sara, and I am a war-era vintage lover residing in the rainy northwest corner of the United States. It’s difficult to pinpoint one particular reason I became so enveloped in vintage. There’s a matter of being a responsible consumer, the quality of the garments, the iconic glamour, a splash of nostalgia. But it’s also largely an extension of my desire to act out my imagination.

As a child, I vicariously lived out hundreds of lives through the books I kept my nose buried in. I lived in a sparkly world of make believe and dress up. As an adult, I’m quite happy being myself, but I suppose I’ve never lost that impulse to play pretend. Every day, I have the pleasure of being the star and wardrobe designer of my own grand story.

I hold deep admiration for many decades of fashion, yet my personal wardrobe certainly centers around the early Forties. For years, my wardrobe was a random amalgamation of decades, but over time, I started to stick to what I love best. I’m a giant sucker for novelty prints, statement jewelry, dramatic hats, peplums, and padded shoulders.

It’s tricky to pinpoint exactly why, but I think I’m most drawn to Forties fashion because it’s a study in contrasts. Whimsical and ultra girly prints intertwine with angular silhouettes. Bold, often avant-garde accessories top frugal, yet perfectly tailored clothes. Glamour merges with functionality and quality. Stylistically, it walks my dreamy border between emphasized femininity and menswear-inspired practicality.

As for where I shop, it’s really a mixed bag, I’m always on the lookout. I make the rounds between vintage shops, antique stores, outdoor markets, thrift shops, online, or random yard sales. I never know when I’ll find something for a steal, or something so smashing I simply can’t walk away from it. There’s an always-present thrill of never knowing what I’ll find, and always knowing there’s more to learn.”






6 Responses

  1. Jessica Cangiano

    Absolutely marvelous interview and set of photos. Sara is one of my biggest (fellow vintage loving gal) fashion inspirations. Her eye for detail, love of amazing hats (and jewelry and dresses!) is so, so phenomenal. Thank you for shining the spotlight on this gorgeous lady.

    <3 Jessica

  2. Katy

    Very nice dresses! Thanks for sharing! We would love to include some of your pictures on our website if it would be okay.

    • Lena

      Hi Katy,

      You’ll have to ask Sara if she’s happy for you to use her pictures.



  3. Susie

    I’m also a 40’s fan. Lovely photos indeed. The tattoo is a bit incongruous with the 40’s look though – not done back then.