Meet our amazing Vintage Queen no 118, Dasha from the Czech Republic. We really love the way she creates her own outfits by mixing decades and styles.

“My name is Dasha Marlen and I am from the Czech Republic. I live in small town with my parents. Currently I study psychology at university, but my dream is to work as a journalist.

My style is defined by classic Thirties, Forties and Fifties fashion, to which I am trying to add my own touch. I don’t want to simply replicate outfits from old photos, I want to build my outfits just like a lady would have in that time, according to my taste and wishes. This is, what defines vintage fashion for me – choosing my own clothes, making my own outfits, not replicating somebody else’s.

In the Czech Republic, the “First Republic” – a time span from 1918-1938 – was hugely popular. It was a time when our economy was on  top. So people love to think back to then full of nostalgia. Although I love this era also, my favourite era is WW2. Fashion during Forties was more simple and minimalist.

My interest in vintage started when I was a child. I’ve loved old movies and fashion since I was a little baby. But my participation in vintage really started with meeting  my boyfriend who is a re-enactor and vintage lover also.

Where I live there aren’t any vintage shops, so I buy clothes from online shops or second-hand. But my favourite dresses are from my great-grandmother’s wardrobe.

And my all-time favourite vintage find? Obviously my dear boyfriend!”









6 Responses

  1. Paul Hayward

    This woman nows what is doing…! Well done, Dasha.

  2. Caroline

    Gorgeous!! 🙂 love these fashions and always wanted to try these on ! has inspired me to do so!! 🙂