1940_62125915A picture can say more than a thousand words, and the charming black and white photos from times gone past tell us a lot about the people who lived back then. Glamorous images of Hollywood actresses show us how normal girls strived to look like whilst family pictures show us more about their daily life. Vintage pictures are a great inspiration when it comes to clothes and hair styling,and here Henriette Cohn has compiled some great online sources of vintage photos.

A web page with glamorous pictures from fashion magazines from the Twenties to the Sixties. There are loads of really stunning pictures here.

Silent Sundays
A blog with pictures of the most beautiful and glamorous film stars from the era of the silent film.
Vintage photo pools at Flickr
Original Forties pool
Original Fifties pool

There are many old family pictures here documenting how ordinary people styled their hair or what they wore. You can browse through these photos for hours and it’s so interesting to ‘sneak peak’  into other people’s lives.

LIFE photo archive
If you know what you’re looking for, this archive of LIFE magazine is the perfect source of vintage pictures. It works just as when you’re searching for images on google, you type in a key word for example ‘1940s lingerie1 and pictures related to your search  will come up. Every picture has a little description so you know where and when it’s from and who took it.

High quality images of famous screen stars, mostly from the Forties and earlier.  Best of all, all the pictures can be used and downloaded for free!