Sugabilly 50s 60s baby girl bride Le Keux Events 10Perhaps you are a vintage lifestyler and having an original vintage wedding is a no-brainer for you. Or maybe you usually only add a few retro touches here and there but would like to have an era-distinct big day? Whatever your reasons behind wanting a vintage or retro wedding, Lynsey Le Keux the founder of vintage and retro event company Lekeux Events, is here to help you with her predictions on current vintage wedding trends, where to start and how to convince your guest to get dressed up. Oh and she’s also sharing her amazing vintage wedding directory.

QoV: It seems that more and more brides – even the ones who don’t live a vintage lifestyle – want to have a vintage or vintage-inspired wedding. Why do you think this is?

Lynsey Le Keux: I think, for all elements of fashion and design we’re looking back at eras that had such distinct identifies. Women nowadays have experienced two decades of seeing their friends and families with the same dress and wedding photos and they’re searching for a way of expressing their individuality and culture through vintage weddings.

Even up to the Eighties there were very distinct bridal styles, huge princess gowns and flower head dresses, but the Nineties and Noughties and current trends accessible to most bridal budgets offer the same type of dress, decorations and suppliers. Any bride who has walked into a high street wedding gown shop and asked for vintage style will understand the frustration in finding something unique.

I often find popularity for all things vintage peaks with the trends in films and TV series, for example Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire. The flawless elegance of eras gone by are also a perfect inspiration for any woman who doesn’t want to be an able grable on their wedding day!

20s 30s art deco vintage bride LeKeux Events1QoV: What are the biggest vintage wedding trends right now?

Lynsey Le Keux: For me, there’s two extremes. On one end of the scale there’s the very popular general vintage inspired looks, bringing in floral patterns by Cath Kidston, bird cage centre pieces and replica vintage-inspired dresses. Colours for this look tend to be pastels and pinks and decor emulates Fifties soda shops and country kitsch gardens.

I do love this look, and we have a special bridal package which takes it to another level with full sets to hire out for your wedding and adding original Fifties props and decor for authenticity.

On the other end of the scale are the truly authentic looks and women really are searching further and further back into 20th century decades for their inspiration. This year I’m getting more and more enquiries for Twenties and Thirties events and weddings, and I’m delighted to say that suppliers are following suit and meeting demand by producing stunning replica pieces appropriate for the modern bride.

Janet Walton, a local milliner designed and made a stunning Twenties head band for me recently and the reaction to it has been phenomenal.

Read on for more tips!

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7 Responses

  1. Sarah Drew

    I make headdresses and think you’re right about the 20s and 30s: I’ve noticed lots of brides putting my asymetric headdresses on quite far forward, almost on their forehead to get that look. They look really cool like that though. Also my lace ones are pretty popular and thats a bit of a 30s look: not quite as full on as Lady Gaga at Brits though! Think your site is great and going to sign up now: are you on facebook too? My page is i love handmade things if you fancy having a look x

  2. Lindy Hopper

    I just wanted to share this with you…I went to a brilliant vintage fair in December [ Vintage Vogue at The Courage Hall in Brentwood Essex, next one 27th March] and I found an original 40s wedding dress complete with head dress, horseshoe, photos, cards & a telegram. for £80!
    The dress is in perfect condition and belonged to Iris who married John in October 1944. She obviously kept everything together and treasured it all her life. I hope she and John had a long and happy life together and that, wherever she is, Iris is pleased that her treasures are now with someone who will love them and look after them.
    Incidentally the dress fits me perfectly…all I need now is a hunky vintage-loving man to walk down the aisle with so that I can wear it! xxx

  3. Denise Liebermann

    Lynsey – I’m in shock, I very rarely read The Leamington Observer but today thank heavens I did! I can’t believe you’re on my doorstep. I absolutely adore the 50’s but have only dared go as far as the bright red lipstick so far, your website has given me so much inspiration to revamp my wardrobe AND my image, I love it!

  4. CherryT

    I had a 50’s wedding, my dress was designed to the same style as my mom’s dress was back in 1958. I love everything to do with the 50’s lifestyle, so it was a fantastic day!