Drive-inStarlite Urban Drive-in, a drive-in cinema, is launching in London this summer. Set up in association with Volvo, you can not only watch movies in a car on the big screen Fifties-style, but you don’t even have to bring your own car as all rides will be provided for you.

Book one of the 20 cars on Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery and turn up to get a taste of retro American movie watching, then simply sit back , relax and order popcorn from one of the roller-waitresses whizzing past. From 1st July, three nights of movie fun kick off with Twilight and Grease.

Sadly, all cars provided will be shine new Volvos rather than the vintage Kustoms, Hot Rods and Classics we love and we’d much prefer watching actual vintage films!

Tickets are £25 and will go on sale on 1 June 2010.

6 Responses

  1. em

    This will only be cool if you can take your own car. I don’t understand why you’d want to watch a movie in someone else’s car – you might as well go to a cinema and watch a proper film instead of Greece or some rubbish!

  2. G

    I managed to go to a proper one in the States a few years ago and it was amazing. Being out in a dusty parking lot with the windows wound down and the speakers hooked onto the doors was like nothing else. And it only cost $5.

    I can’t imagine paying £25 to sit in a Volvo in the middle of Shoreditch will have the same effect. There’ll probably be another riot anyway.

  3. DiDi

    What is the point no classic cars and no classic movies, sounds like watching a movie in a volvo showroom, What a really cool idea this could have been a great opportunity to dress up and see some 50’s classics that might of been worth £25, sounds like shameless promotion for volvo and a extremely sterile experience.